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Software Trainings

We offer the following software trainings:

  • ASTOS: a minimum of 18 hours of online training is highly recommended, 30 hours online training is suggested to become an efficient user of the ASTOS software
  • LOTOS: a minimum of 18 hours online training is highly recommended to achieve full efficiency with the LOTOS software
  • GAMAG includes an 18-hours online training. A purchase of an 18-hours or a 30-hours online training is highly recommended.

For a more intensive training and better learning curve an on-site trainings can be requested. An 18-hours online training corresponds to a 3-days on-site training and a 30-hours online training corresponds to a 5-days on-site training.

The PEET training is a 2-day onsite training and takes place at the Astos Solutions office in Stuttgart. Online participation is possible on request.

Besides familiarizing with the software special topics of interest shall be picked to be taught during the training. Please find some example sessions as follows:

  • Basic principles / basic modelling
  • Optimization theory and ASTOS GUI
  • Optimization application
  • Multi-disciplinary vehicle design and safety
  • ASTOS-GNC interface (integration with MATLAB/Simulink)
  • Mission analysis
  • System concept analysis
  • Multi-body and flexible-body dynamics
  • Debris and safety assessment
  • (Re-)entry scenarios
  • Space exploration

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