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Safety Analysis Services

We can provide you with safety analyses for space missions and vehicles that consider the impact on population, ships, planes and also the possible financial loss.

Aspects of safety we are looking at

Destructive Re-entry

The risk due to a burnt out stage or a vehicle re-entry (e.g. ATV) can be analyzed at several levels of complexity:
  • Analytical two-body orbit calculation (no drag considered).
  • Single object propagation with dedicated aerodynamics.
  • Fragmentation/explosion at a certain altitude providing a range of ballistic coefficients that identify the classes of fragments propagated till ground.
  • Multiple events (fragmentation/explosion) at different altitudes with thermodynamics analysis of each user-defined object
Analysis outcome:
  • Casualty probability
  • Fatality probability
  • Maximum probable loss (MPL) that reflects the financial loss
  • Debris footprint (nominal / Monte Carlo)
  • Safety areas
All calculations follow ESA and NASA safety guidelines!