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Optimization Services

Model Formulation

We will support you in the definition of your optimal control problem. We can advice you in the possible constraints and cost functions, how to set up the phase structure and other technical questions. Trust in the experience of over 15 years of research in optimization and solving problems.

Model Preparation

Of course we can program your complete model for GESOP. So you can just use it as you like. For ASTOS we can setup the data configuration files or enlarge the program code of the object orientated model library as you need it. User specific models can be locked by specific license features. Save your time by leaving the programming to the developers.

Technical Solutions

Is your optimization specialist retiring or leaving?
Are you missing optimization know-how at your site?
We can offer you a complete package from the design to the problem solution. Save your valuable time contracting specialists in optimization with a lot of experience.


On this site you can find a Q&A site and a download area with updates to the optimization test cases and the documentation. Use the contact formula or emails for questions to our team. The Forum you can use to reach all ASTOS and GESOP users. Also, if you have not a support contract, questions of main interest will always be answered and published in the Q&A, if they are of general interest.

Complete Workstations

Your company does not support the hardware necessary for GESOP/ASTOS?
No problem. We can offer you a high performance PC with pre-installed Windows Vista or Linux and GESOP/ASTOS.