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Like the GAMAG software, GAMAX is based on the Multiple Dipole Modeling (MDM) concept. It transforms close-range magnetic field measurements into a MDM which itself allows to verify magnetic cleanliness specifications, like maximum spacecraft polluting field at the science sensors, or maximum global dipole moment torque on the spacecraft body.

The key advantage of GAMAX is that it makes use of magnetic field measurements obtained without a Helmholtz coil facility. The s/c is positioned in any place in the center of for instance 4 beams, carrying each 3 to 4 tri-axial sensors, and take a simultaneous magnetic snapshot with all sensors. The Earth field is then removed from the data by especially developed algorithms.

Measurement without coil facility

GAMAX contains two modules

  • SenCal: Sensor position and alignment (PAC) calibration prior to system test
  • MDMSS: Model identification and magnetic cleanliness determination.

Example configuration

  • Typical beam sizes 1m to 6m adapted according to DUT sizes (0.1m to 5m)
  • Number of facility sensors: 8 – 16, adapted to DUT size and complexity


  • Data acquisition: snapshot method
  • DUT handling: static, no rotation
  • DUT orientation: via non-magnetic support trolley
  • S/C availability requirement: < 1h