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ASTOS® Applications and Technologies

ASTOS is dedicated to following applications

  • Space transportation with ascent, transfer, rendezvous, entry, decent and landing
  • Earth observation with constellations and formation flying
  • Satellite communication with inter-satellite communication
  • Navigation with GNSS
  • Science
  • Exploration

Following functionalities are supporting you in your individual working tasks:

  • Optimization
    • Trajectory optimization solving large scale optimal control problems with direct optimization methods
    • Parameter optimization
    • Random search methods
  • Mission & Spacecraft Design
    • Launch vehicle design from very basic to very detailed including analysis of dimensioning load cases
    • Re-entry vehicle design including shape optimization
  • Mission Performance Analysis
    • Visibility and link budget analysis
    • Illumination analysis
    • Coverage analysis
    • Operational life-time prediction (fuel budgets considering LEOP, operations and disposal)
    • Requirements analysis
  • System Concept Analysis
    • Power
    • Data
    • Thermal
  • GNC/AOCS Analysis
    • Environment and dynamics simulation with ASTOS
    • GNC/AOCS design in Simulink
    • Multi-body and flexible body dynamics with integrated MBS tool
  • Safety & Risk Analysis
    • Space debris risk analysis
    • Launch range safety analysis