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Trajectory Optimization
Launch, re-entry and orbit transfer trajectory optimization
Multidisciplinary spacecraft design optimization
Structure, propulsion, TPS and power system design
Mission performance analysis
Visibility, link budget, coverage, navigation & life-time analysis
System Concept Analysis
Modelling and analysis of thermal, power and data management aspects
Camera & Lidar Simulation
Closed-loop testing of relative navigation solutions for rendezvous and landing
Real-time validation testbench
Affordable MIL, PIL, HIL solutions up to SCOE
Risk Analysis
Launch & re-entry risk analysis solutions & services


The aim of the project is to develop an upper stage for an orbital rocket using innovative and cost-saving technologies.
An extensively revised and extended version 1.1 of PEET is now available.
Going down all the road to ASTOS 10, ASTOS 9 has been improved through multiple updates in the last few months to our latest release 9.22 ...
As the release of ASTOS 10 is getting closer, the current version 9 of ASTOS is receiving its nineteenth update.
Since our last news update several months ago ASTOS has evolved from version 9.7 to 9.13 while new features have been added and existing ones have been improved…

About us

Astos Solutions provides software and test equipment for space applications. We support all space domains such as space transportation, Earth observation, navigation, satellite communication, space situational awareness, exploration and science. Our products and services address

  • Trajectory optimization
  • Multidisciplinary spacecraft design optimization
  • Mission performance analysis
  • System concept analysis
  • GNC design and simulation
  • Pointing error engineering
  • Flexible-body multi-body simulation
  • Real-time capable highly realistic 3D animation of space scenarios
  • Gravitational modelling
  • Magnetic field identification and compensation
  • Safety and risk assessment of space debris and launchers
  • Real-time raw sensor data emulation (LIDAR & camera)
  • GNC/AOCS special check-out equipment

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